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New Funny Jokes
Joke Date
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Apr 28th
Blonde paint job
Feb 19th
Generous lawyer
Feb 19th
Girls night out
Feb 19th
Glad to be drunk
Feb 19th
New prefix
Feb 19th
Only three doors
Feb 19th
Poor guy
Feb 19th
The bride tells her husband
Feb 19th
Two zebras pondering
Feb 19th
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Joke Date
10 Husbands, Still a Virgin
Oct 07th
101 Ways To Annoy People
Jan 11th
A Blonde Goes On Who Wants To Be A Millionaire
Oct 08th
A Really Bad Day
Oct 07th
ABC's of ex girlfriends
Oct 14th
Advantages Of Being A Woman
Oct 07th
Oct 09th
Electric Train
Jan 14th
From A Mother With Love
Oct 11th
Impossible to Please
Nov 22th
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